Elays Madrasah

Elays Madrasah is a pioneering project which has been setup to meet the growing demand for professional well established after school supplementary sessions for children.

We pride ourselves for laying out an ethical code of conduct and belief for our students through our Islamic teaching methods. Injunctions such as; do not lie, do not steal, treat others as you would like to be treated and respect the environment are just a few of our ethical teachings. These ethical codes of conduct go side by side with the importance of prayers and fasting in Muslim lives. This enables Elays Network to steer away many young people from all sorts of crimes and enabled them to acquire the tools they need to stay safe and keep away from radical or extreme interpretations of Islam.

Elays Madrasah has been the backbone for many of Elays’ Projects and it has changed the lives of hundreds of boys, girls, and families in Wandsworth and beyond.

Through Islamic and Quranic teaching we were able to inspire young people to celebrate their cultural identities and share it with mainstream British communities through various ways, such as exhibitions, drama, plays, poetry, and discussions.



10:00 am - 2:00 pm


68 St Rule Street

Battersea, Lodon SW8 3ED