Terms & Conditions

  • Booking must be paid for in advance. Hall bookings are not confirmed until full payment is received. There may occasionally be special agreement made with Hall manager or representative.

  • The Hirer is liable for all breakages. An inspection will be carried out after each booking; this will determine whether the hirer is returned his/her full deposit.

  • All rubbish must be placed in appropriate bin bag and tied up before disposing in the rubbish container.

  • Deposits are returnable dependent on the state of the building upon inspection. In the event that the booking advisor is not happy with the way in which the premises have been left the deposit WILL be forfeited. This decision will be made at the discretion of the relevant advisor. Any booking that does not adhere to the times the booking has been made for will also forfeit part or all  of their deposit.

  • No event can continue beyond 10p.m. on Sunday to Thursday and 11pm. on Friday and Saturday. Please try to ensure minimal disturbance to local residents particularly when leaving the hall late at night.

  • As the responsible person for the event/function you have legal duties with regards to the safety of those persons assisting or attending the event.

  • Hirers of the premises are responsible for ensuring the correct insurance(s) are in place where inflatable and play equipment is concerned (E.g. Bouncy castle or trampolines)

  • No unaccompanied minor is permitted in the kitchen at any time.

Before the event or function you should be aware of:

  • How people will be warned if there is a fire,

  • How the event evacuation of the premises should be carried out,  

  • Where people should assemble after they have left the premises and procedures for checking whether the premises have been cleared,

  • Identification of key escape routes,

  • How the fire service will be called,

  • Know where the fire extinguishers are.

During the function ensure that:

  • Escape routes and exits do not become blocked,

  • No cooking to take place in any room other than the kitchen, unless authorized,

  • No naked flames or gas appliances or gas cylinders left unattended,

  • Rooms do not become overcrowded,

  • Noise levels cannot drown out instructions in the case of an emergency.

After the event:

  • Everyone has left the building,

  • All electrical appliances in kitchen are turned off,